Friday, November 26, 2010

Bonneville Night Races

In the late 1970s (this picture is from 1979) we used to have a night race at Bonneville Raceways on the West side of the Salt Lake valley. This was, to us, like racing supercross at night, in front of a crowd, in what was basically a stadium with bleachers, concessions and paved pits. No wonder this was a popular place.

The track was relatively simple with limited space on the infield of the stock car oval to work with. There were lights, of course, and turns, jumps, whoops and some short straights to whip it up to speed before braking for the next turn as shown. I am squeezing the front drum brake on my 1979 RM125 with a 4-finger grip, such was the pre-disc brake braking performance of the time.


Dan O said...

Great pic.

I'd love to ride a '79 RM 125 again (I had one also) just to see how it feels today.

Back in the day, I don't remember those drum brakes feeling all that bad. Especially on the RM, with the bigger brake drum - compared to the conical hubs popular at the time.

Glad to see updates on your blog. I'm from the same era and dig what you're posting.

clawblog said...

Dan O, thanks for the comments. I will be posting more in the days and weeks to come!

Jonny Stitt said...

Hi, your these short write ups are fascinating to me.. Im 20, my names Jonny and I am from northern ireland.. I race a1979 RM125n in a classic championship most saturdays.. what i would give to be back in those days racing!! keep it up! thanks